Common Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Products And How To Make Them


Most families prefer to have eco-friendly home cleaning products to protect their children or pets from ingesting harmful substances.Others will choose the eco-friendly products to protect the environment.Commonly available items at home form effective cleaning products at Generally, before trying any formulations at home, use a little of it on a hidden area first.  Here are some common formulations.

2 table spoons of Baking soda.

To remove stains on bath tubs and tiles, use it with a wet sponge. It also removes grease spots, oil streaks and color marks from walls, check it out!

 1/4  cup baking soda +  1/2  cup vinegar + 2 liters of water.

 Baking soda softens water, scrubs and deodorizes.White vinegar wards off smells, cuts grease and also removes stains.This mix is a general all-purpose cleaner.Window stains and tile marks are scrubbed off using this formula.

2 table spoons of salt + 5 large lemons.

Coarse salt makes it easy to scrub off dirt while lime juice’s acidic nature gets rid of common bacteria and rust.Use lemon juice on a rusty item for 2-3hours then scrub it out using salt. To know more ideas on how to select the right cleaning product, just check out

2 table spoons of white vinegar + 4 cups of warm water.

 This is a good window cleaner.Do not use colored newspapers as the color will stain the glass, non colored paper or cotton cloth is preferred.Do not clean the windows when it’s excessively hot.Warm air causes formation of a cloudy appearance on the windows as the vinegar evaporates. You can also use this formula to remove stickers on the walls, tags on new items and old wall papers.

Equal measure of vinegar and baking soda + boiling water.

We all have times when our drains clog up and the plunger just won’t work.Pour the baking soda in the drain first followed by the vinegar to cause a reaction.Next, pour the boiling water after 20minutes lapse to clear the residue. Use warm water for plastic drains to avoid melting them down.

Sodium Borate + Sodium Carbonate.

Mix sodium borate and sodium carbonate in equal parts to form dish washer soap.Avoid cleaning aluminum utensils with this mix as washing soda corrodes it.

Citrus peels, baking soda, dried scented herbs.

These are used separately to deodorize the air and rid of musky smells in the house.Lemon and orange peels can be put in the vacuum bag, the microwave and oven to absorb odors and leave sweet citrus scents when put on.  Baking soda can be sprinkled on rugs and carpets some hours before vacuuming to absorb smells. Dried fragrance flowers and herbs can be left in corners.

Banana peelings.

Who would think bananas could help out with the cleaning too!Blend the peels into paste with little water.Use the paste to gently remove tarnish from your silver pieces of jewelry.Once done, clean the jewelry with water and polish with a cotton cloth.


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